​​​​May 6, 2017
Justin celebrates May the 4th alone while Chris berates him about Star Wars. 

​​​​April 14, 2017
The guys are back from their Las Vegas bachelor party! Listen to them discuss their trip, plus some video game talk

​​​​May 12, 2017
Chris discusses fidget spinners and what it means for humanity. Brad and Justin discuss their lack of progress in the 390LL raids in Destiny.

​​​​March 23, 2017
Scientists hope to be able to take a picture of the Event Horizon of Sag A*. Brad discusses a personal story involving college football. Chris sucks everyone into his own black hole, aka "Halfway to the Halfway" Theory.

​​​​April 28, 2017
We talk about the NFL draft as it is happening. Brad and Justin discuss their progress in Destiny Age of Triumph!

​​​​April 21, 2017
Chris is fed up with Justin talking about Star Wars. Justin tries to give a run down of all the Star Wars Celebration news and the trailer for The Last Jedi. There is lots to talk about in the video game world, so don't miss this episode!